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Hello, I started in Zmichowska this year and I have gotten to know the school quite well. I would like to tell you what it’s like.

Of course the first day of school was extremely stressful although I was lucky to have some of my old classmates there with me. And I’m also quite used to this kind of situation since I have changed school often in the past.

As soon as we entered the assembly hall, all smartly dressed of course, the director and several other teachers gave speeches. They were very interesting and covered all the things we needed to know but, to be honest, most of the time I was wondering who would be teaching me over the next year.

On the very first day, we had to write tests in French and English and the next day all the new students were divided into three classes. I’m in class C1, where there are 30 kids, eight of which are boys. C1 is also divided into two smaller groups for French, history, biology and English. Of course French is the most important foreign language at the school and my French group has three different teachers.  I was surprised at first but I now think it’s a good system because we do different things with each teacher. I think my French has really improved.

It was quite a shock for me to start so many different classes especially biology, chemistry and physics. In year six they were all one subject  so basically I now have triple the homework. And as for homework, we get quite a lot, but I’ve heard that’s only going to get worse. One thing I really like about it here is that the teachers always tell us when we will have an exam and how we should prepare for it. Lastly I also had trouble getting used to the fact there are no bells at the beginning and end of class, which means that everyone has always got to keep track of time.